January 09, 2011

Giant Barracudas on Key West Flats

I had the good fortune to fish with Scott and Sara from New York today. We had a beautiful day with tons of sharks and barracudas on the flats near Key West. Both Scott and Sara started the day with a lemon shark, Sara's was bigger!! We then moved to an area that traditionally holds large numbers of oversized barracudas during the winter months. We had barracudas in front of the boat for the next couple of hours and they were more than willing to eat. Scott and Sara caught several big cudas and had many follows and eats. The largest fish to the boat was over twenty pounds which is posing with Sara for photo opportunity.

Thank you again for fishing with me today and I look forward to sharing your next adventure on the Key West flats.

Captain Mike Bartlett

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  1. Thanks to Mike we had a wonderful time and caught some great fish! We would highly recommend Captain Mike to anyone considering doing some fishing in the Keys. He was BY FAR THE BEST guide we have ever used!! Thanks Mike! Can't wait to see you again!

    -Scott & Sarah