October 23, 2011

Key West Sea Trout

My wife and I fished the backcountry yesterday in Jewfish Basin, in search of a few fish for dinner.  Behind the passage of a strong cold front a couple days ago came cooler temps and strong northerly breezes.  The water was pretty muddy and became quite cool, about 70 - 71 degrees.  The flats for the most part would be unproductive so we went for sea trout to bring home and whatever else was willing to consume our offerings.

It turned out to be pretty good.  We caught several sea trout with three being within the slot limit of 15 - 20 inches. Those couple fish came home for dinner.  We also caught a bunch of ladyfish, jacks, snappers and a small grouper.  Pics below.

My wife also took some awesome sunrise photos that morning shown in my previous post.  We've been loving those cool, crisp mornings.  Turn off the a/c, open the windows and welcome the cool breezes through the house.


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October 22, 2011

Key West Sunrise

A cool, clear, crisp October sunrise from White St. pier in Key West, Fl.

Captain Mike Bartlett http://www.keywestflats.net/

October 19, 2011

Cabin Fever

It's day five of rain.  We had a break yesterday for a good part of the day but it started back up around 4pm and we have had a series of wicked storms come over Key West all through the night and it looks like at least through this morning.  The storms have been pretty violent with lots of lightning, heavy downpours, wind gusts up to 40mph and we were under a tornado watch. Three day charter down the crapper.

Many of the streets and low lying areas of Key West are flooded.  The island is sinking!!!  I'm sure somebody is paddling a kayak around town somewhere.

I did get to Cudjoe Sales yesterday and stocked up on some supplies for fishing this winter.  Jigs, barracuda tubing, shark hooks and I picked up a couple of stone crab traps.  Haven't had traps in years, can't wait to get them out.

Looks like I will be doing more work on my blog and website today.

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October 17, 2011

Water Water Everywhere...

Today will be day three of rain all day and no end in sight.  Invest 95L is out there in the Gulf of Mexico between the Yucatan Penninsula and the western tip of Cuba which is the cause for all our nasty weather of late.  Looks like I will be getting to the honey-do list and make a load of barracuda lures.

Below are some radar and satellite images over the past few days from weatherunderground.com

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October 15, 2011

Key West Backcountry Fishing

Did a couple of Backcountry trips this week.  Overcast and windy days are great conditions for backcountry fishing, less than ideal for sight fishing the flats.  It is more of a mixed bag of fish species and rod bending action.  Sea trout, jacks, snappers, grouper, pompano, ladyfish and blacktip sharks are most of what is caught when backcountry fishing, and on occasion tarpon, redfish, cobia and mackeral.  Though these are not the premiere flats species I prefer to target, the fishing can get quite exciting with lots of action and the sharks always put up a great fight.

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October 13, 2011

Key West Sunset Photos

My wife and I spent the last couple evenings on the water casting to tailing permit and enjoying some beautiful sunsets.

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