August 22, 2011

Key West Tarpon and Bonefish

Last week I fished with Joe and his wife.  The moon was still pretty bright so we made an early morning start, 5:30am.  While it was still dark, up until the light just started to come up a little, we had tarpon popping baitfish off the surface.  Joe and his wife landed a double header, both tarpon being close to twenty pounds.

After sunrise we set off for tailing permit and bonefish.  After a lot of searching I finally found some bonefish and Joe caught a couple small ones.

We stayed out to get Joe a permit to complete the slam.  We had a lot of shots at tailing permit, but unfortunately the wind dropped to nothing and the permit proved to be extremely spooky.  Often taking off when Joe would cast or when the crab hit the water.  I  was surprised the permit were letting us get close enough.  Many times when water is flat like glass we can't get anywhere near a permit in shallow water.

Captain Mike Bartlett

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