January 04, 2012

Minnkota Trim & Troll Install

Tim Donald of Donald Marine installed a new set of Minnkota Trim & Troll, trim tab mounted trolling motors today on my Beavertail BT3 skiff.  The actuators are quiet and the system has some really cool features like the auto up and down and the ability to raise and lower the motors from the remote among a few others.  Tim uses the odyssey batteries for their compact size and ability to be mounted anywhere.  This is very important on a skiff with limited space.  Thursday or Friday I will put the boat in the water to get used to the new system.

I gave my buddies a lot of crap for having trolling motors so now I am hearing it back.  Trolling motors, like a good gps is a great tool to have on a skiff.  Whether aiding in poling, quietly approaching or leaving a fishing area instead of using the big motor or more importantly hunting for fish when I am fishing by myself.

The benefit of having the trim tab mounted trolling motors is they keep the casting deck clear for anglers and fly line.  Everything is controlled either by the console mounted switch or by the remote, no deploying a 5 foot long shaft with a motor attached to the end.  They should be quieter as well since they are on the back of the boat. The only negatives I can think of right now is having two motors adds a bit of weight and maneuverability isn't as good as with a bow mounted trolling motor.  I will report back with a performance review next week.

Captain Mike Bartlett


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