October 19, 2011

Cabin Fever

It's day five of rain.  We had a break yesterday for a good part of the day but it started back up around 4pm and we have had a series of wicked storms come over Key West all through the night and it looks like at least through this morning.  The storms have been pretty violent with lots of lightning, heavy downpours, wind gusts up to 40mph and we were under a tornado watch. Three day charter down the crapper.

Many of the streets and low lying areas of Key West are flooded.  The island is sinking!!!  I'm sure somebody is paddling a kayak around town somewhere.

I did get to Cudjoe Sales yesterday and stocked up on some supplies for fishing this winter.  Jigs, barracuda tubing, shark hooks and I picked up a couple of stone crab traps.  Haven't had traps in years, can't wait to get them out.

Looks like I will be doing more work on my blog and website today.

Captain Mike Bartlett http://www.keywestflats.net/

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