October 23, 2011

Key West Sea Trout

My wife and I fished the backcountry yesterday in Jewfish Basin, in search of a few fish for dinner.  Behind the passage of a strong cold front a couple days ago came cooler temps and strong northerly breezes.  The water was pretty muddy and became quite cool, about 70 - 71 degrees.  The flats for the most part would be unproductive so we went for sea trout to bring home and whatever else was willing to consume our offerings.

It turned out to be pretty good.  We caught several sea trout with three being within the slot limit of 15 - 20 inches. Those couple fish came home for dinner.  We also caught a bunch of ladyfish, jacks, snappers and a small grouper.  Pics below.

My wife also took some awesome sunrise photos that morning shown in my previous post.  We've been loving those cool, crisp mornings.  Turn off the a/c, open the windows and welcome the cool breezes through the house.


Captain Mike Bartlett http://www.keywestflats.net/

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