November 15, 2011

Key West Flats - Permit Barracuda and Jacks

I fished with Erin and Scott from Pennsylvania this morning.  The weather for once has taken a turn for the better and the fishing was just as good.  The winds have come down some and out of the southeast.  This wind shift results in a warm breeze and the water, which was cooled by the latest cold front, will warm quickly.  We had a pretty clear sky and good visibility.

There were plenty of rays roaming the flats with most of them accompanied by Crevalle jacks.  Erin was on point for the jacks and she managed two nice jacks to the boat one about ten pounds.  We saw few big barracudas lying in wait and Scott got a big 20+ pound fish to the boat and had another large cuda jump off later in the trip.  This turned out to be good.  Just as we got organized to continue down the flat I spotted a big permit working down the flat.  Scott made a great shot and about 20 minutes later he landed about a 20 pound permit.  A great end to a great trip.

Captain Mike Bartlett

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  1. Nice toothy grin. Glad the weather broke. We are fishing Steelhead in the snow