November 14, 2011

Bonefish and Sharks

Finally, after what seems like forever, the weather is finally cooperating so we can effectively fish the flats.  With lots of wind, clouds, cold fronts, cool and muddy water lately; things have finally returned to normal and the flats are clean and the sky clear.  We've been seeing and catching the usual suspects this time of year on the flats which include big jacks on rays, sharks and permit.  The barracudas are slowly making their way back as well, we had shots at a few large barracudas the last two days.  Conditions should improve this week as the winds shift more east and air temperatures raise a little into the lower 80's.

Myself, Captain Peter Heydon and Captain Rob Kramarz fished the last two days with a group of guys from Ohio.  The guys were great and pretty much up for anything.  We did a little backcountry fishing for the winter species and had some fun doing that, but most of the time was spent on the flats where a few big lemon sharks were caught, plenty of big jacks off the backs of rays, one big permit was caught and a bonefish this afternoon.

Captain Mike Bartlett

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