November 21, 2012

Jacksonville Redfish on Fly

Hooked up with my good buddy Captain Warren Hinnrichs out of Jacksonville, Fl this morning for some low  water redfish on fly.  I froze my ass off running to the first area, but once the boat came to a stop, it wasn't too bad.  Did a little blind casting as the tide was still running out and quickly landed two small trout and three really cool looking redfish.

During the cooler months of the year and lack of rain these normally dirty waters are now clear, making sight fishing actually possible.  Once the tide started to push in and the sun was high enough to see through the water we were finding one redfish after another in the small openings in the spartina grass off the main flows.  The redfish today were especially aggressive, turning around and eating flies that landed on their tails and Warren caught one, no more than five feet off the side of the boat.  He basically dropped is fly in the water raised it up a little and the fish inhaled it as if he hadn't eaten in a week.

We landed about twelve redfish between the two of us, hooked and lost several others, had lots of other shots and just saw lots of redfish all day.  It was a little chilly for a guy from Key West, but a great day of fishing nonetheless. 

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