March 07, 2013

Bonnethead Sharks on Fly

It's been a cold, windy, rainy and all around crappy week with three cold fronts in the last seven days.  The nights have been very chilly but somehow the water has been relatively warm.  After another chilly night last night and a high of 68 degrees forecasted today I was happy to get out and actually catch a few fish on fly.  Water temps on the oceanside are still in the upper sixties and though permit, tarpon and bonefish are nowhere to be found, sharks and barracudas haven't seemed to mind as much.

I fished with Patrick from Pittsburgh, PA today.  I was freezing all day and he was in a longsleeve T and shorts and comfortable.  It was Patrick's first day fly fishing in the salt and after a couple of tweeks he was casting tight sexy loops and bonking bonnethead sharks on the head.  Patrick caught four bonnetheads and a big lemon shark on fly.  He also had some bad luck with barracudas with three straight bite offs and a few others not getting hooked.  Regardless of what Mother Nature gave us this week, it was a fun, but chilly day on the water.  Thanks Patrick.

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