March 25, 2013

Tarpon Fishing Key West

This March has to be one the worst ever for weather.  The first couple weeks of this month was riddled with strong cold fronts, wind, cold air and water.  It really felt like a normal January, which this year was beautiful compared to March.

Fortunately, this last week the weather was back to normal and the water temperatures warmed quickly, bringing a huge push of tarpon near Key West.  It was a much welcomed sight to see schools of tarpon rolling and everyone who was out jumping the Silver King.  Not only did we have tarpon in the harbor, we were finding lots of tarpon on the flats that were very eager to eat a well presented fly.

Mother nature is hitting us again with another strong cold front passing over Key West this morning.  Near forecast is calling for cool temps during the day, cold nights and windy this week.  Not good for anyone this time of year.  When the weather turns back to normal, tarpon will move right back in with it.

Captain Mike Bartlett