February 21, 2011

Key West Backcountry Fishing

I fished with Joe and his son Jake the other day.  The guys were really interested in catching lots of fish, keeping the rod bent, so I took them for some Key West backcountry fishing.  The plan was simple - find the mullet muds in the basins and drift with jigs.  We immediately found a big mullet mud in Waltz Key Basin east of Key West. We made our first drift through the mud catching a couple of jacks.  The tide had just started to come in an the next two hours and two drifts through the mullet mud resulted in non-stop action.  The guys caught tons of ladyfish, which we kept a few for shark bait, jacks, sea trout, pompano and bluefish.  With all the action and a few cut up ladyfish over the side of the boat, we were able to chum up several blacktip sharks.

Backcountry fishing is a great alternative during cold spells in the winter and when we have kids on the boat.  The action can be non-stop and great fun on light rods.

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