April 09, 2011

Key West Tarpon at Night

My wife and I went out this evening for a little night time tarpon fishing. It has been very warm and with an outgoing tide late in the day into the night shrimp are moving off the flats drifting out to sea with the tide. And the tarpon are lined up just off these flats sucking the shrimp off the waters surface. It sounds like bowling balls being dropped from heaven.

This sets up nicely to target these tarpon with a fly rod. Tonight in the short amount of time we were out we had three tarpon eat, landing one and jumping another, all on gurglers. And we got to enjoy another beautiful Key West sunset.

For those who don't know what a gurgler is, it is a fly designed to disturbed the waters surface and make a little noise much like a small popper.

Captain Mike Bartlett
Key West Flats & Backcountry

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