April 14, 2011

Key West Tarpon

Day two with Ivan and Paul. We headed out early this morning to look for tarpon in the dark. Second spot resulted in Ivan landing about a 25 pound tarpon on fly. It was an explosive take and with some fantastic jumps.

We fished for about an hour in front of Key West where there was a lot of tarpon slow rolling but scattered. Paul had a few grabs and some follows but no solid hookups.

I forgot about the World Sailfish Championship being held in Key West this week. There were some impressive boats that went by and their resulting wakes. We found ourselves having to surf a few wakes as they were tall and steep and a little scary. Some were easily three feet from trough to crest.

The rest of morning we spent casting to cruising strings of tarpon on the Oceanside. We had tons of shots but these tarpon were not in an eating mood. I didn't see anyone around us hook up either.

We decided to spend the last two hours looking for bonefish and permit. All we found was more tarpon!! Ivan had a couple shots and a follow to the boat. During Paul's turn we were heading off the flat to move when I spotted a pod of tarpon laying in about six feet of water. Paul presented his fly and got a fish to follow. Second cast he got an eat. The tarpon jumped three times before throwing the fly.

Thanks agin guys, I look forward to next time.

Captain Mike Bartlett
Key West Flats & Backcountry

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